Abstract: The Art of Design

Executive-produced by Majordomo’s Dave O’Connor, the IDA Documentary Award–winning and Emmy-nominated Abstract demystifies the creative process of formative designers across different (and sometimes surprising) fields. In its first two seasons, the show explores a provocative premise: that design is a way of thinking that can be learned by anyone and applied to nearly any field. With this in mind, each episode asks compelling questions: How do you create a high-performance sneaker for the greatest basketball player in the world and simultaneously make an everyday fashion accessory worn by millions of regular people across the globe? How do you build a man-made ski mountain on top of the world’s largest clean energy power plant in the middle of Copenhagen? Abstract demonstrates that great design is all around us, even if we don’t notice it.

Release Date: February 2017 (Season 1); September 2019 (Season 2)